Versatile EQ


Versatile is the first of a new series of hybrid EQs, combining the specific features of some Acqua plug-ins in a single product which boasts excellent performance and sound quality.
Thanks to our collaboration with the producer/sound designer/dj Gianni Bini, Acustica Audio can offer you a simple yet powerful parametric EQ, designed for tracking, mixing and mastering and aiming to be a great piece of gear for the pro-audio industry.
The whole design concept, by Gianni Bini, is the result of a work of careful selection and research. Our partnership with the artist has resulted in an innovative product whose main feature is versatility!

Versatile will be issued in bundle containing two versionsMastering and Standard.

Versatile is based on new CORE6 engine, this revolutionary technology involving our convolution technique of FIR filters allows the condensing of
series of cascadeing filters to a single filter that is with which to perform the audio processing, instead of a series of filters, allow Acqua plug into
reduce latency up to 1/8.